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Soft Tissue Therapy
Soft tissue is comprised of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerve and fascia. Most people recognize the first four tissues listed, but fascia is virtually unknown to the general public. It is however more and more recognized by neuromusculoskeletal practitioners as the cause of a great majority of musculoskeletal pain. Fascia is a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to toe without interruption. The fascia surrounds and infuses with every organ, muscle, bone and blood vessel all the way down to the cellular level. Fascial strains can slowly tighten and cause the body to lose its physiologic adaptive capacity. Over time, the tightness spreads like a pull in a sweater. Unfortunately, fascia can become solidified and shortened by trauma, inflammation and chronic poor posture. Fascial restriction can create abnormal strain patterns that can pull joints out of proper alignment or pull them too close together, resulting in compression of the facet joints or disc, producing pain and/or dysfunction.

Soft tissue therapy is, in my opinion, as important as the chiropractic adjustment itself. Often times tight, scar-tissue laden muscles, ligaments, tendons and especially fascia restrict motion in the joints. If the soft tissue is not addressed, it makes it virtually impossible for an adjustment to be effective simply because the tight tissue will pull the joint back to where it has become accustomed.
- Dr. Baker

Rehabilitative Exercises
Proprioceptive therapy:
By utilizing wobble boards, foam rollers and therapy balls, a patient can literally “rewire” their nervous system to “reboot” muscles that may have shut down due to injury, lack of use, or pain.

Resisitance bands:
Resistance bands and tubing are a gentle yet effective way to strengthen weak muscles without restricting motion as often seen with machines at the gym. By using bands and tubing, accessory muscles must assist in motion to help stabilize the movement. This helps strengthen not only primary muscles but those that often become weak due to injury, poor posture or lack of use.

Active Therapeutic Movements provide an immediate improvement in pain-free range of motion. It is done by a form of resisted or isometric exercises that allow inhibited muscles (muscles that have “forgotten” how to work properly) to start working again. Often it is these stabilizing muscles that will stop working when pain is detected. That leads to the primary larger muscle groups to work overtime where they can become tight and painful as well. By engaging the muscles without pain, the brain essentially turns the switch back on and allows better muscle function and stabilizes the spine.
The ATM2 is not only effective for patients with pain, but it also helps improve performance in athletes. By increasing strength in stabilizing muscles it allows the athlete increased power, strength and agility. As a sports medicine facility, since using the ATM2, athletes have found that extra something that lets them outperform their competitors.

Physical Medicine Modalities
Interferrential, ultrasound, Cryotherapy and moist heat.

Spinal Decompression
More info coming soon!

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